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International Knife Award Winner

Prestigious award reserved for a select few knife manufacturers globally.


The Wenger Héritage Swiss Army Knife has been awarded the International Knife Award in the Collector's Category at the IWA Fair in Germany. This prestigious Award is given to only a select few knife manufacturers in the world. The Wenger Heritage Swiss Army Knife is a replica of the original knife Wenger made for the Swiss Army in 1908. Only 1893 pieces were crafted by Wenger.

Wenger Sets World Record for Most Functional Penknife

Guinness World Records Recognizes Wenger for the Collector’s Giant Swiss Army Knife.


The Wenger Giant Swiss Army Knife has earned the distinction of “most multifunctional penknife” by Guinness World Records.  Representing over 100 years of innovation and featuring every implement produced by Wenger, Maker of the Genuine Swiss Army Knife, the Giant Swiss Army Knife contains 87 tools that perform more than 120 different functions.


Having started as a novelty, the Collector’s Giant Swiss Army Knife was a finalist for the Outstanding Technology of the Year Award from the International Academy of Science, and now it holds a World Record.


Manufactured by Wenger in Delémont, Switzerland, the Giant Swiss Army Knife was originally created out of curiosity after someone asked, “what if we put all our Swiss Army Knife tools in one single model?”  The result is a Swiss Army Knife that measures nearly 25cm, weighs close to 3.25 kilograms, and showcases more than 100 years of Wenger ingenuity.


The initial aim was not to win the famous certificate, but to ensure that Wenger was capable of achieving such a technical feat.  Collectors soon discovered the existence of this truly unique model and were very excited at the prospect of having this special keepsake.  After the first knife was sold, Wenger produced a second model for an enthusiast who saw the original at a trade show and demand quickly rose as Swiss Army Knife aficionados learned of this collector’s item.


For good reason, the Collector’s Giant Swiss Army Knife is now produced by two cutlery specialists who assemble it by hand.  The extra large toolbox contains every implement that can be found in a Wenger Swiss Army Knife including 14 blades, three types of pliers, and seemingly countless screwdrivers, saws, wrenches, and other tools.  Some of the more unique implements included are a bicycle chain rivet setter, cigar-cutting scissors, laser pointer, tire-tread gauge, golf divot repair tool, magnifying glass, compass, and nail clippers in addition to the requisite toothpick, tweezers, and key ring.


The Giant Swiss Army Knife comes in a wooden case and is accompanied by a certificate verifying that Guinness World Records has named it the “most multifunctional penknife.”




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