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Here you'll find brief definitions of terms and phrases related to Wenger products. Scroll through the list or click on a letter.



4-Way Stretch Bootie Construction:

Allows for easy off and exit when timing is critical.



AIS "Active Inertia System":

Dissipating vibration in the midsole. This high density device takes the form of a heel "clip" acting in unison with the Spydraflex for added stability and comfort cushioning, ultimately moving heel-strike vibrations away from the body's skeletal system and therefore reducing long-term skeletal fatigue.


Useful as a morning alarm, meeting reminder or many other uses.


Two-time defending champs, and the winner of the 32nd America's cup in July 2007. This boat coming from land-locked Switzerland, and consisting of 31 team members the Alinghi crew is a part of history in what is widely acclaimed to be the "greatest sailing spectacle ever".

Allen Wrench:

A trademarked wrench used to secure and remove screws threaded in hexagonally shaped nuts (The American Heritage Dictionary, 4th edition).

Anodized Aluminum:

A process which increases the corrosion and wear resistance of aluminum.

Automatic Movement:

A movement that is all mechanical and requires no winding because the rotor, part of the automatic mechanism, winds the mainspring with the movement of your hand. When fully wound and left to sit, automatics will have up to 36 hours of reserve power. Mechanical movements are accurate within one minute each day.


A pointed tool for making holes, as in wood or leather.




Small 1.5 volt batteries used to power quartz watches. Batteries will eventually need to be changed and Wenger recommends qualified professionals perform this task due to the need for watches to be properly sealed to ensure water resistance.


The ring on the outside of the watch case, around the dial, or the rim that holds the watch glass. It may have calibrated markings, especially on sports or divers watches. It can either be rotating, unidirectional rotating or fixed.

Bio Mechanically Correct:

Design to contour to the safe movement of the foot bed and therefore working in harmonic union with the skeletal and muscular system.


A flat metal tool with a sharp edge that's used for cutting. 


The steel end section of the Heritage Knife handle. It strengthens the knife, adds durability, and provides a counter-balance.


A watch bracelet is often made up of flexible, separate links that can be removed to adjust the bracelet's length. The links on Wenger watches are always stainless steel.



Can Opener:

A sharp, hook-shaped metal device used to open metal cans.

Cap Llifter:

An instrument used to remove snap-on bottle caps. 

Carabiner Clip:

An oblong-shaped ring with a spring clip that allow the user to attach the knife to such items as ropes, belt loops, etc.

Chain Rivet Setter:

The tool used to adjust the links of a bicycle chain by means of a clamp. The tool applies pressure to the broken link therefore setting it properly.


A watch with two independent time systems: one indicates the time of day, and the other measures brief intervals of time like a stopwatch. The subdials registering a combination of 1/10 seconds, seconds, minutes or hours can be started and stopped as desired. It is therefore possible to measure the exact duration of an event.

Cigar Cutter:

A device used to cut a small hole in the rounded end of the cigar that is completely enclosed by a wrapper.

Clip Point Utility Blade:

Features a concave cut-out at the tip of the blade for enhanced control and an extra sharp tip. Perfect for precision cuts.

Club Face Cleaner:

A tool designed to remove any dirt or particles from a golf club head.


A spiral-shaped tool with a sharp point which assists in drawing corks from bottles.

Cuticle Pusher:

A device used to push the cuticle skin down to expose more of the nail bed.



Date Display:

A function that indicates the date within a small window usually at the 3:00 position on the dial.


Is the face of the watch, showing the time. 

Diver's Buckle:

Refers to a metal bracelet buckle with the ability to expand slightly so the watch can be placed over a wet suit.

Divot Repair Tool:

This tool repairs golf course greens after being struck by a ball by lifting the earth beneath the indentation from below.

Double-cut Wood Saw:

Wenger designed their wood saw to produce maximum cutting power by staggering the "tooth pattern" in two rows for clean, efficient cutting, in both directions.  



Elapsed Time Rotating Bezel:

A graduated rotating bezel that is used to keep track of periods of time. The bezel can be rotated so the wearer can align the zero of the bezel with the watch's minutes or seconds hand. The elapsed time can then be read off the bezel, rather than the wearer having to perform a subtraction necessary if he used the watch's regular dial.

Encapsulated Foam:

Enclosed foam without open or visible cells or openings which may harbor harmful bacteria.

Ergonomic Handles:

Refers to the shape of the Evolution handles. The design employs concave and convex contact points which are positioned to fit the human hand perfectly.

Evo Soft Touch:

Wenger's ergonomic Swiss Army knife with a silky, rubberized coating on the handle.


Wenger's ergonomic Swiss Army knives that are embedded with non-slip rubber on the four major areas of contact a user makes on the knife. This increases the knife's safety, performance and efficiency.



Fish Scaler:

A tool designed to quickly and efficiently remove the inedible outer scales from fish. More infos on wiseGEEK.


Wenger's flashlights are battery-operated lamps that are built-in to the Swiss Army knife and emit an ultra-bright beam. 

Flathead Screwdriver:

A screwdriver with a flat blade at the end used to turn single slot screws through wood, metal, and other types of material.




The outer covering of the knife where the user grips the knife. Most Wenger handles are made of cellidor - a synthetic material. Also known as a “scale”.

Heel Rand:

Material that contours the heel of the shoe to provide greater protection.

Heel Sling:

Reduces the risk of left and right lateral movement reducing the risk of pronation.

Hexagonal Key:

See Allen Wrench.

High Decibel Whistle:

An instrument used to produce sound that can be heard at a distance of up to a mile.

High Traction Material Shifting Pliability by Climate:


High-Frequency Spot Welded:

Method of joining materials using high-frequency welding techniques reducing of glue and other materials.

Hook Disgorger:

An implement used to remove hooks from fish.


HF wave-length waterproof / breathable technology. Fully seam-sealed, Bio Mechanically engineered membrane bootie with submersible capability to keep the foot bed dry in adverse conditions. Breathablity is allowed through evaporative cells in the make-up of the membrane itself.



Impact-dampening Sydrafelx Outsole:

Impact-dampening outsole similar to a tuning fork. Material density varies, shifting vibration away from the heel strike zone to individual exit pods. This will help reduce foot bed bruising.



Key Ring:

An implement designed to hold keys and other small items.



Locking Blade:

The self-locking mechanism on the main blade is a safety device that automatically locks the blade in the open position, preventing possible injury due to unintended blade closing. The release mechanism must be disengaged for the blade to close.


The extensions on the top and bottom of a watch where the bracelet or strap is attached.


Self-illuminating paint used on hands, numerals and markers. The paint, called SuperLuminesence, charges when exposed to sunlight. This provides for viewing of the watch indicators in no- or low-light conditions.




A tool designed with a crystal lens used to make objects appear greater in size so they’re easier to view.


The round, square or triangular shapes that are positioned in place of numerals or on rotating bezels to indicate position.

Marlin Spike:

A tool used in ropework for tasks such as unlaying rope for splicing, untying knots or forming a makeshift handle.

Metal File:

A tool used to gently grind down and shape the edges of a metal object by means of the coarse area.

Metal Saw:

A sharp, short-toothed cutting tool specifically for metal objects.

Micro Screwdriver:

A screwdriver designed with a mini flat-head tip to handle precision applications such as eyewear, jewelry and electronics. 

Military Time:

A representation of time sequentially using 24 hours, counting from 0000 (midnight) to 2400 (midnight); also called 24-hour time.

Mineral Crystal:

A crystal, the cover that protects the watch face, made from what is essentially a form of glass. Also see Sapphire Crystal.

Money Clip:

A folded piece of metal designed to hold paper currency.

Moon Phase:

An indicator that keeps track of the phases of the moon. A regular rotation of the moon is once around the earth every 29 days, 12 hours, and 44 minutes. Once set, the moon phase indicator accurately displays the phase of the moon.


Iridescent, milky interior shell of the fresh water mollusc that is sliced thin and used on watch dials.


A watch's "motor" that keeps time and may perform many other functions based on the watch.



Nail Cleaner:

A pointed tool used to remove particles from under fingernails.

Nail Clipper:

A device engineered to trim fingernails and toenails. Wenger’s nail clipper is deployable via a lever and foldable handle.

Nail File:

Used to shape the edges of finger nails.

Needle-Nose Pliers:

Pliers designed to provide greater reach and control for more intricate jobs. They also function as a wire cutter.



Opanca Construction:

A reinforced stitch adhering the upper to the outsole as apposed the cemented construction.



Packlock Screwdriver:

Our patented Packlock system prevents the flat head and Phillips head screwdrivers from accidentally snapping shut. This safety lock system is engaged as long as pressure is applied directly on the tool, and then released for easy folding.

Pangaea - Mike Horn:

A four year journey of walking, kayaking, cycling, paragliding, skiing and more to cover 100,000 kilometers crossing all continents and oceans.

Parafin-Impregnated Thread:

Thread with a waxed coating to help reduce abrasion.

Patrouille des Glaciers:

The most difficult high mountain race through the night across the Swiss Alps.

Pen Blade:

The back and the edge of the blade slope at the same degree to the point. Pen blades are ideal for performing smaller tasks.

Perforated Upper:

Closely spaced stamped or punched holes used to increase ventilation therefore reducing fatigue to the foot.

Phillips Head Screwdriver:

A screwdriver with a two blade edge in the shape of a cross. The Phillips screwdriver was invented by Henry Phillips in the 1930's with the intent to provide a safer alternative to the traditional flathead screwdriver. Henry Phillips wanted a screwdriver that would prevent a damaging process called overtorquing. More infos on wiseGEEK.

Power Reserve:

An indicator that displays remaining battery life.

Precision Screwdriver:

A screwdriver designed with a micro tip to aid making adjustments to intricate items such as eyewear, jewelry and electronics.


Outer control buttons, usually at 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock positions, which operate special functions such as the chronograph or the alarm.




Used to describe a watch powered by an oscillating quartz crystal which draws its power from a small battery. Oscillating 32,768 times per second, an electronic circuit divides this oscillation into precise increments of 1 second. Quartz watches are considered to be accurate and reliable.




A tool used to shape or enlarge holes.


To reset the chronograph hands to the zero position. From time to time the chronograph hands, especially the seconds timer, on every manufacturer's watch needs to be reset to the zero position. Wenger Chronograph instruction manuals provide directions for recalibrating.

Rotating Compass:

An instrument for determining magnetic north, by means of a freely rotating magnetized needle.


An instrument used to measure distances in inches or centimeters.


All Porsche Design Knives feature handles made of Ruthenium, an extremely strong, durable and highly rust-resistant metal in the Platinum group of elements. Ruthenium, a hard silvery-white metal provides outstanding corrosion resistance because it does not tarnish at room temperature, nor is it attacked by hot or cold acids. Ruthenium's excellent resistance is the reason for its major use as a hardener in conjunction with various other metals. Alloys of ruthenium and platinum or palladium are used for wear-resistant electrical contacts.



Safety Clasp:

A latch that securely fastens the buckle on a metal bracelet.

Sapphire Crystal:

A crystal, the cover that protects the watch face, made of synthetic sapphire - a transparent, scratch resistant substance. 

Screw-Down Crown:

A crown which screws tightly to the case of the watch on a tube. The purpose is to ensure extreme water resistance.

Screw-on Caseback:

Refers to the caseback of the watch and its specification to rotate off for battery changes, etc. Along with the proper rubber gasket, screw-on casebacks create a water-tight seal.

Serrated Blade:

Wenger's serrated blade is edged with tooth-like (also called scalloped) projections which cut more efficiently than a straight blade. Additionally, it maintains its edge longer.

Shackle Opener:

A tool used for loosening fasteners that attach halyards to sails.

Shoe Spike Wrench:

A tool designed to screw and unscrew replaceable spikes on golf shoes.

Sling Construction:

Same as Heel Sling.

Speed Lacing:

Step 1. Single pull lacing mechanism with a friction lock and quick adjustment.
Step 2. Tractional Tyrolean consisting of closed laced locks and open laced locks at the top entry.

Spherical Mesh:

Open mesh construction encouraging rapid exhaust of air lowering the potential of footbed fatigue.

Spoke Wrench:

A wrench to tighten wire wheel spokes on bicycles.

Springless Scissors:

The patented springless lever design prolongs the life of every pair of self-sharpening serrated scissors. By using a lever instead of an external spring, we've eliminated the need to replace the one part that always seems to wear out or get lost on other knives.

Straight Edge:

An instrument used to draw straight lines.


A watch band made of leather, rubber or nylon.


A small dial within the main dial of a watch. Can be used to measure fractions of time (hours, minutes, seconds, etc.) or used to display moonphase or other functions.


The luxury brand name for the range of precision-cut lead crystal glass products produced by companies owned by Swarovski AG.

Swiss Raid Commando:

An annual event with 160 competing teams to test their military skills, strenghts and weaknesses in conditions that are as close as possible to the real-life engagement.




A set of markings on the outer or inner bezel which measures the wearer's speed over a known distance (such as a measured mile). It is used in conjunction with the seconds hand.


Reactive outsole material with variable pliability by climate. In hot temperature the outsole softens to conform to the surface allowing for a better grip on irregular terrain. In cold temperature the outsole hardens to provide a sharper grip on iced or slick surfaces.

The Earth Expedition:

A walk of the worlds continents. Daren Wendell walks on nothing but his own two feet around the world to raise awareness for the Water Crisis and AIDS Pandemic.

Time Zone:

The 24 regions or divisions of the globe approximately coinciding with meridians at successive hours. Each time zone is designated with a city name.


A silvery-gray metal that is 30 percent stronger and 50 percent lighter than stainless steel. It's also extremely resistant to salt water.

Toe Rand:

Material that contours the toe of the shoe to provide greater protection.


A small plastic strip used to remove food from between the teeth.


Variable density insole offering additional protection and structure in the footbed.


A tool used for plucking or picking up small objects.



Unidirectional Rotating Bezel:

See Bezel.



Water Resistant:

Made to prevent water from entering the watch's case. The watch's case is sealed to prevent moisture from entering.

Wenger Patagonia Expedition Race:

A ten day race in the southern Chile region of Patagonia, consisting of trekking, paddling and mountain biking. This annual race brings 4-member teams from around the globe to the "Adventure At The End Of The World".

Wet Suit Extension Kit:

Two rubber pieces that can be attached to a rubber strap which extend the strap's overall length to accommodate a wet suit.

Wire Crimper:

An implement which allows the user to cut the insulation without cutting the wire.


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